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Shaker Heights family living in Houston takes in strangers during Hurricane Harvey


A family that moved from Shaker Heights to the Houston area eight years ago, is dealing with their first hurricane.

Shaken up, scared. Not knowing what to expect, Cassandra Hicks Mott says the mayor told them to stay because of the chaos during hurricane Ike in 2008.  Many were stuck on the freeways trying to flee the area.

They hunkered down in their home. She says she's thankful they have a newer home, which was built up about 4 feet. While many of their neighbors’ homes are flooded, theirs is not.

Cassandra says the National Guard is in the area, but can't get to everyone.  They have a family of four staying with them, along with a 93-year-old neighbor.

“Not knowing what to expect because we've never been through something like this.  We went to bed on Saturday night at 2 in the morning and we didn't even have water in our driveway.  When we woke up the water was up to my knees in our driveway and our street it was up to my waist.  When I went to bed 6 hours before that there was nothing,” she said.

They live just off Highway 610, about 7 miles from downtown Houston. 

She says it's been tough to watch as people a mile or two away from her are asking for help, but they can't get out to help more neighbors.

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