Transplant survivor offers students the facts on life-saving organ donation

HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - Marcia Burke knows first-hand the importance of organ donation.

"As a child I was sick with kidney disease. I now have a kidney transplant going on, actually, this Thursday will be my 37th "kidneyversary,'" Burke said.

For the past several years she's volunteered through Lifebanc, and has gone into schools to teach the facts about organ donation. She says there's one common misconception.

"In an accident, they won't save my life because I'm an organ donor. That's absolutely false," Burke said.

"The kids are surprised by the number of organs that really can be donated, and the number of people you really can improve the quality of their life after you are gone," said Hudson Health and Physical Education teacher, Joe Caniglia, said.

Hudson junior Michael Caniglia has been through Marcia's class.

"You might as well help others, if you aren't going to make it," Michael Caniglia said.

Caniglia says it's not about talking students into becoming a donor, but making sure they have the facts.

"They are more informed when they go to the BMV and answer that question more confidently," said Joe Caniglia.

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