Akron 'Bee Whisperer' swarmed by 20,000 bees during pregnancy shoot

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Talk about creating a buzz.

Twenty-thousand honeybees cover Emily Mueller's baby bump in maternity pictures that have stunned everyone.

"I thought, well why don't I do a bee beard, but instead of a beard, it'll be a bee belly," Mueller said.

Mueller's been keeping bees for about five years. She and her husband are expecting their fourth child this fall. She said she hoped to do something special for the photo shoot and she wanted her passion for protecting honeybees to play a role.

"This is something spiritually I could connect to and I really am so glad that it happened. The pictures are gorgeous," Mueller said.

The pictures have tons of people talking. They've gotten thousands of likes, shares and comments on Facebook.

Mueller said she's surprised by the social media stir. Photographer Kendrah Damis didn't expect the reaction either. She's the one who took the pictures and posted them on her Kendrah Damis Photography Facebook page.

"I was nervous. Having them buzzing around. It was definitely an experience," Damis said.

Mueller and Damis have been friends for years. Damis said this was the most exciting photo shoot she's ever done.

"I didn't get stung, so that's also a bonus," Damis said.

Mueller, on the other hand, is used to getting stung. She works with bees every day.

Getting the bees on Mueller's belly was actually pretty simple. She kept the queen bee in a cage in her hand, knowing the other bees would follow.

"Honeybees, when they're swarming, are very docile," Mueller said.

For people who are worried about Mueller's baby, she said this shoot was fine. She spoke to three doctors and had a backup plan.

"We had all things in line just to make sure, if something did go wrong, we knew how to take care of it," Mueller said.

Mueller walked away with four bee stings, but the pictures will last her a lifetime.

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