The amazing numbers behind the Indians record win streak

The Cleveland Indians are on fire and with every win, they are adding to the amazing numbers behind the longest win streak in franchise history.

If they want to make history with the longest win streak in Major League Baseball (MLB) history, they have a little bit of work left to do.

When you start to look at the numbers behind the win streak, it's staggering and you can see why it's happening. It's not just pitching, which has been incredible. It's not just hitting, which has been scorching. It's not just defense, that has been suffocating. It's been all aspects of the game and the Indians are making it look fun and easy, especially considering the injuries that are stacking up faster then the empty bags of peanuts at the park.

Numbers behind the win streak:

18 straight wins (going for 19 and we kind of like that number)

  • The last time the Tribe lost was August 23.

MLB win streak records:

  • 1916 New York Giants 26 wins* (this streak included one tie)
  • 1935 Chicago Cubs 21 wins
  • 2002 Oakland Athletics 20 wins

Runs scored/given up through last 18 games: 

  • 121-32 (Averaging out to a score of 7-2 through the streak)

Team batting average (BA):

  • As a team, the Indians are hitting .393 during the streak

Team earned run average (ERA):

  • Indians pitching has a 1.76 ERA in the streak

Indians home runs:

  • 37 home runs


  • Indians have pitched five shutouts during the win streak

Opponent Scoring:

  • Teams have only scored more than two runs against the Tribe four times
  • Indians have only trailed for four innings out of 162

Chasing the Houston Astros:

  • On July 22, the Astros were the best team in the American League (AL) with a 14-game lead over the Indians.
  • On September 10, the Indians took the lead for the best team in the AL and lead Houston by one game.

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