Cleveland Indians continue to set records

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - On Wednesday night when Francisco Lindor hit his 31st home run of the year he set another record and added to the huge list of numbers that show how impressive the Cleveland Indians season really is.

Lindor with his 31 home runs, now holds the record for most home runs by a switch-hitting shortstop.

Of course none of the numbers will match 22 in a row but there are some that are close. Like the fact they lost once and started a new streak, now they're 26-1.

Here are some other numbers showing just how dominate the Indians have been this season.

Runs scored/allowed/differential

Runs scored by the Indians: 769 (6th in MLB)

Runs allowed by the Indians: 538 (1st in MLB)

Differential: +231 (1st in MLB) (+186 New York Yankees 2nd, +166 Los Angeles Dodgers 3rd)

World Series home field advantage

Last year the league who won the All-Star game was awarded home field advantage for the World Series. The American League won, which meant when it came to the Fall Classic the Tribe had home field advantage.

This year it will be determined by the team with the best record at the end of the season. Meaning if the two first place teams from the National League and the American League make it to the World Series, which as of today would be the Dodgers versus the Indians, the Dodgers would get home field advantage. A month ago that was a lock to be the Dodgers but they somehow forgot how to win. Take a look at the swing.

August 25                          Sept. 21

1. Dodgers                          1. Dodgers

Indians 20 games back       Indians 1 game back


Team ERA 3.36 (1st MLB)

Corey Kluber ERA 2.35 (2nd MLB) (Clayton Kershaw ERA 2.26 1st MLB)

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