Las Vegas shooter narrowly missed Lorain native during attack

LAS VEGAS, NV - The sound of rapid gunfire goes on for minutes in cell phone video taken by Brandi Giese.

The Lorain native captured the moments Stephen Paddock opened fired on thousands of people in Las Vegas. At the time, she had no idea she was witnessing the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

"It was still unreal to me. I still didn't believe it. On my video you can hear me say, 'those are firecrackers, there's no way someone is really shooting,'" Giese said.

She sat at the top of the VIP section, looking down at the crowd. Giese said it took people a while to figure out bullets were flying around them.

"You see people kinda standing there, confused, not running, still drinking beer, maybe because people were just confused about what was going on," she said.

When Giese started seeing people lifeless and laying on the ground, she realized the tragedy taking place.

"It was kind of pandemonium down there. You see people diving over people to kinda block them," she said. "I saw CPR compressions on somebody and that's when I knew it was not firecrackers."

As people ran for their lives, Giese didn't move. She thought she was safe in her section, but later discovered bullets came within arms reach.

"In my video you can kind of see me panning Mandalay and Luxor, because that's where the shots were coming from. You couldn't see anything. Later, come to find out, we actually had bullets land next to us, so I had no idea," she said.

Despite being in the middle of the violence, Giese said she won't let fear stop her from living her life.

"The guy snuck all these into the hotel room and he was 32 stories high. There was nothing you could've done at the venue. The venue was pretty secure," she said.

Giese also gave a lot of credit to people who, in the midst of tragedy, risked their lives to help complete strangers get to safety and get to the hospital.

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