Las Vegas visitors from Ohio describe attack at country music festival

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Several local Ohio residents who witnessed the tragedy at a country music festival in Nevada returned from Las Vegas early Tuesday morning on a flight into Akron-Canton Airport.

Cody Kinn, a Lakewood resident, said he was at the concert Sunday night when the attacks started. He described hearing several sounds that were similar to firecrackers, but then heard more rapid fire.

"Once that started happening, everyone started freaking out running," Kinn said. "It was just madness."

Kinn said he took cover until it was safe.

"You kind of look in the crowd and see everyone running and their faces, kind of just pure horror."

He eventually jumped a fence and escaped from the incident without injury.

"I don't know if it fully set or sunk in yet. We were lucky," Kinn added.

Doug Redmon, lives in Las Vegas but arrived to Northeast Ohio on Tuesday morning's flight. He said he was not at the concert, but outside of the hotel near the festival site.

"I heard the first shots, and I knew it was a gun," Redmon said.

He said he started to move away from the sound after the first several gunshots.

"That's when mass hysteria really set it. They started stampeding, hurting people, running each other over," said Redmon.

Curtis Baldridge of Munroe Falls said he was in a Las Vegas hotel that was on lockdown during the fatal attack.

Baldridge said the hotel officials warned the guests of an active shooter situation.

"An overhead speaker said 'Stay in your rooms for your own safety. Don't leave until notified,' so we just staying in our rooms at that time, according to Baldridge.

He described seeing a huge police presence the morning after the attack.

Baldridge said, "We went out about 6 a.m. and it was just a very somber tone. Everyone was really low-key. As soon as we got out of the hotel, we went up an escalator and saw police everywhere."

As of Tuesday morning, 59 people were killed during the attacks. Officials say the man responsible had 23 guns stockpiled in his hotel room at Mandalay Bay.

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