Woman steals wallet after flattening victim's tire

Woman steals wallet after flattening victim's tire
Photo of suspect. (Source: Second District Community Relations Committee)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Police need your help identifying a woman who threatened a man with a knife and stole his wallet.

The bizarre and scary incident happened on Sept. 23.

The man told police he was sitting in his car, talking on the phone at W.84th & Detroit when a woman approached the passenger side and asked him for a ride, because she said her feet hurt. He told her no.

The woman then became irate and after she walked to the back of the car he heard a loud noise.

When the victim got out to see what happened he says the woman pulled out a knife and said "give me your money".

The man gave her $5.00 and she said "No, more".

She then reached inside the car, grabbed his wallet and took out the credit cards and ID. She threw the cards and ID down when the victim yelled he was calling the police.

The suspect then fled on Detroit.

The victim says after she left he noticed that his rear passenger tire was flat.

During this encounter, the victim was able to take a blurry picture of the suspect.

If anyone recognizes the woman in this photo, please call Detective Janet Murphy at 216-623-5218.

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