Bartender now charged in connection with St. Patrick's Day fall

Bartender now charged in connection with St. Patrick's Day fall
Megan Keefe. (Source: Facebook)
Megan Keefe. (Source: Facebook)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A bartender is now charged with serving alcohol to the 20-year-old woman who fell off of the balcony at Spirits in the Warehouse District on St. Patrick's Day.

Carisa Buehner, 29, is charged with selling alcohol to someone under 21, a first degree misdemeanor.

According to the police report, Megan Keefe ordered three mixed vodka drinks from Buehner at Spirits bar, all caught on surveillance video.

Within minutes of getting her drinks, Keefe fell headfirst from a second story balcony and hit her head on a stone counter top.

After she fell, the report says another employee, Nick Urso, alerted a Cleveland Police officer working outside and moved her body from inside the bar to the outdoor patio.

The officer called for EMS who arrived less than eight minutes later.

Also according to the report, when officers and state officials arrived, they found the bar owner's father trying to rewind the recorded video of the incident. None of the video was deleted and officers were able to watch and make a copy of the video.

Keefe has not recovered from the accident. Family members say she remains hospitalized in a long term treatment facility.

Buehner, the bartender, had a hearing scheduled in Cleveland Municipal Court on August 9; however, she failed to appear and there is now a warrant for her arrest.

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