Cleveland Indians fans react to Trevor Bauer drone drama

Cleveland Indians fans react to Trevor Bauer drone drama

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Fans are certainly excited, but they are having flashbacks from last year, especially about pitcher Trevor Bauer's bloody pinky.

Here we go again, he tweeted out after he lost his drone.

"Stay away from the toys, Trevor!  Keep your hands tied, and just think about the game tonight!" said fan Mike Kovach.

Tribe fans collectively held their breath in horror as they watched Bauer take the mound against the Bluejays last year. Blood flowing from his pinky.

The ten stitches were no match for 95 mile an hour-plus throws.

He was taken out of the game after just an inning.

"He was working on his drone, and cut his finger," said David Curry of South Carolina.

Flash forward to a few days ago, Bauer tweeted out his drone "Ironman" went missing.

"I think someone is doing him a solid," said Tribe fan Bobby Reed.

Tribe fans joke about who took the drone.

"Probably his teammate," Mike Gilbertson from South Dakota said.

"It's still missing.  I have pretty much given up on it," Bauer said.

Here's the news most Tribe fans don't want to hear as the play-offs start, "I started the process of building a new one. I took the props off this year though, so we should be good," Bauer said.

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