Canton police officers forced to inject themselves with Narcan after dangerous drug exposure

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - Quick action and the availability of Narcan may have saved a Canton police officer's life on Wednesday evening.

It is a testament to just how dangerous police work is.

Officers took a domestic violence report, then found the suspect a mile away.

In a struggle to arrest him, one of the officers came into contact with a white powder and fell ill.

The struggle was with Tyrone Butler, who is no stranger to police.

They believe he was trying to dump the powder as he refused to get out of his car and was then taken out by officers, according to Canton Police Captain Dave Davis.

"The officer did not lose consciousness at any point; however, he did feel light-headed and he also said his arms were beginning to get numb," he said.

At that point, the officer that was exposed as well as his partner self administered a dose of Narcan.

After observation at Mercy Medical Center, the officers were released and will be OK.

But serious questions have arisen: what if the officer had been alone, and Narcan hadn't been available quickly?

"With all that being said there's still an inherent danger in dealing with this type of subject. It could become airborne and the officers only have to breath it in. It can be, you know, it can be absorbed through the skin," said Davis.

The contaminated cruiser has been sealed and impounded. Once tests are done, a hazmat team will decontaminate it.

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