Schwab's take on ALDS Game 2: Bring on CC Sabathia

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Nine years ago, the Yankees decided to give CC Sabathia a nine-year contract for more than $200 million. It was a contract the Indians could never hope to pay out, which was why they traded him to Milwaukee in July 2008.

They knew they'd never be able to pay him whatever New York was planning to offer after the season. Nine years later, that contract might benefit the Tribe.

The Yankees need a starter for Game 2, and they don't have much of a choice other than to give the ball to Sabathia. He is (finally) on the last year of that bloated contract, so he's still around. They have to pitch him. There isn't anybody else.

He's had a decent year, but he is not Corey Kluber. This is a clear mismatch in favor of the Tribe.

If the Yankees hadn't put together such a massive contract all those years ago to make sure the Indians couldn't keep Sabathia, they might have somebody better to pitch in Game 2 against Cleveland in this series. But they didn't, so they don't.

That's the thing about long contracts in baseball. You get the exciting press conference and the big headlines, but they can come back to bite you in the hind parts, sometimes it just takes nine years.

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