'Orlo wants to know' gets action

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - Ty Zalinski is deaf, and in many ways his condition has made it difficult for him to communicate and interact with others.

In short he has behavioral issues.

His parents have had to go to court to get him an education. He had attended Willson Elementary in Cleveland which is a school that has a deaf unit, but they told Ty's parents that they couldn't handle his behavioral issues, and kicked him out.

Berea Schools sent him there because they couldn't handle his hearing issues. That is the crux of the problem.

He is a dual diagnosis child. He needs a school that can handle both issues and Berea ,through lawyers, had been reluctant to do it but after our report Ty's parents say things have improved.

They are enrolling him at Pep Prentiss School.

A positive education program school that specializes in children like Ty.

Berea will foot the bill, and hopefully Ty will get what he's owed and most of us take for gr anted.

An education.

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