Case Western student sending multiple pallets to aid Puerto Rico

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One Case Western Reserve University student was so concerned about the state of affairs in his native country, he decided to do something about it right here in Cleveland.

Edwin Pacheoco Colon says he couldn't sit back and do nothing while his people are suffering.

"Resources are very limited so I feel this was the only way I could help my people, you know," Colon said.

He's collected several pallets full of supplies and will be shipping them there.

He organized a "Hurricane Maria" drive at CWRU and asked his classmates to help him.

For more than two weeks he's been  collecting items with the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration out of Columbus. They've secured much-needed items from all over the state of Ohio.

"A lot of water, which is so necessary, so necessary, a lot of canned foods, clothing, first aid, over the counter medications, toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels, things like that," added Colon.

Next week he'll ship the items and give his relatives some much needed relief and support.

"I feel that this was the only way that I could help my people you know, especially my family and friends and in Puerto Rico in General, they need all the help they can get," said Colon.

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