ALDS upset proves Cleveland Indians can topple postsesaon pressure

ALDS upset proves Cleveland Indians can topple postsesaon pressure

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ten years ago Travis Hafner delivered an RBI single through the right side of the infield to score the game winning run and the Indians went up 2-0 over New York in the ALDS. A decade later, Yan Gomes followed suit, this time down the left field line. It ended one of the craziest games you'll ever see.

Kluber was supposed to cruise tonight. Didn't happen.

Sabathia was supposed to get crushed. Didn't happen.

The Yankee bullpen could not blow a 8-3 lead. They did.

Josh Tomlin couldn't possibly keep the Yankee hitters at bay. He did.

Brett Gardner couldn't possibly be stupid enough to get picked off in extra innings. He did.

How does all that happen? Two words. That's baseball.

There are things in this game that happen that can only be described with those two words. Like Game 2. The Yankees lead 8-3 and had the only bullpen that might be better than Cleveland's. The game looked over. But it wasn't. They still had innings to play. They played baseball.

They play the game for Cleveland, but they also play it for each other. That's what good teams do. Teams. Not collections of talent. These Indians are the former.

They're up 2-0. Buckle up. It feels like this roller coaster is just getting started. Next stop is the Bronx, and who knows where after that.

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