Schwab's take on ALDS Game 3: Good pitching was the key

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Sometimes in baseball, especially in the playoffs, you get beat by good pitching. Both the Yankees and Indians line ups were shut down on Sunday, but the Yanks managed the one run needed to win.

I could NOT BELIEVE New York brought the infield in with Kipnis at third-base in the fourth inning. Late in the game? Of course. Fourth inning? That was Joe Girardi saying he didn't think they'd score two runs. And he was right. They didn't. They only got the one, the one they needed.

I liked the Indians at-bats a lot more after the fourth inning. They finally laid off Tanaka's sinker and started putting swings on better balls. They sent several to deep right, and unfortunately Aaron Judge went above the wall to catch the only one hit deep enough to get out.

Look, that's a frustrating loss, but that stuff happens in the playoffs. These games aren't easy to win! Looking forward to Game 4!

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