Several passengers injured during turbulent Frontier flight from Las Vegas to Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A flight was diverted after passengers aboard a Frontier Airlines plane from Las Vegas to Cleveland experienced turbulent conditions early Monday morning.

Frontier Flight 1116 left Las Vegas towards Cleveland, but was diverted to Salt Lake City because of reported high winds and severe turbulence. Passengers said the plane was rocking back and forth, and emergency lights were flickering on and off.

"The plane is going back and forth to the point where I didn't know if it was going to completely flip," describes Bethany Bitt.

"It just took off as normal and then the turbulence hit. It was a pretty rough ride," said Keith Price, a passenger on board.

However, the airline has a different version of what unfolded during the flight:

"Flight 1116 operating from Las Vegas to Cleveland last night diverted to Salt Lake City for a passenger medical situation. The plane was on the ground for 90 minutes before departing and continuing on to Cleveland. There was no reports of severe turbulence from the crew, the diversion was for an onboard medical situation.  It was windy in Las Vegas last night which may have made it a little bumpy but it was not a turbulence event," said Frontier spokesman Richard Oliver.

One passenger said a pregnant passenger may have gone into labor. She also described several people suffered medical emergencies and refused to get back on the flight after being diverted to Utah.

"One person I heard went into labor, and they said I know people came off the plane with IVs and everything," according to passenger Bristol Fields.

Several passengers expressed frustration that Frontier departed from Las Vegas.

"Why would Frontier then think it was okay for them to take off? I mean, they knew," said Bitt.

Watch as another passenger describes what she experienced on Flight 1116 from Las Vegas:

The flight landed safely at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport just after 7 a.m. Monday morning.

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