Superintendent says a 'distraction' led to a 3-year-old being left on school bus

OLMSTED FALLS, OH (WOIO) - After her son Wayne was left on an Olmsted Falls school bus Kristen Ann Stropki takes the 3-year-old to school and then picks him up personally.

She is upset, because when he didn't arrive at school the first way she found out was in a call from her high school daughter asking if the boy was in school.

Kristen answered "I put him on the bus, why are asking?"

The daughter told her that, "on my power school app I got a notification that Wayne is absent from school."

Kristen thought it was a mistake until she called the school. Remember, it was 45 minutes after the bus left her house.

"The lady, the secretary at the school, she says well the teacher just called down. He's absent, he's not in class," explained Kristen.

Her thought was that she put him on the bus, but where could he be?

Fifteen minutes later she learned he had been left on the bus at the Early Childhood Center, and not discovered until the bus arrived back at the bus garage.

District Transportation Director Heath Krakowiak referred questions to the district communications officer.

Kristen says he told her that she simply is gonna be written up and that's as far as it's gonna go.

We went to the district offices and found Superintendent Dr. Jim Lloyd had an explanation.

He calls it a distraction. It happened at the Education Center: bus broke down in front of Wayne's. Five students had gotten off Wayne's bus, he did not and no one noticed.

The other bus driver got on for a ride to the transportation office. Only then did the driver do a check.

The Superintendent stresses Wayne was never left alone.

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