Schwab's take on Game 4: Critical errors to blame for Indians Game 4 loss

NEW YORK, NY (WOIO) - The Indians' biggest problem in Game 4 was not Trevor Bauer and was not the offense. It was their defense.

Four charged errors, a passed ball and poorly handled play in center by Kipnis lead to six unearned Yankee runs. SIX. There's your game. You give up six unearned runs you might lose to New York University, you're definitely losing to the New York Yankees.

So it's Game 5 for the right to face Houston in the ALCS. I don't care if the Yankees have won two straight. If Corey Kluber is pitching, I like the Tribe's chances. I don't know what the odds are of him being out-pitched by CC Sabathia, but I know they're really, really, really low.

Wednesday can't come fast enough.

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