Orlo Wants to Know finds Shelby judicial candidate who left accident scene did not have motorcycle insurance

SHELBY, OH (WOIO) - A fender bender involving Shelby Law Director Gordon Eyster has raised eyebrows and led to an Ohio State Highway Patrol investigation.

Initially though, Eyster -- who is also running for a municipal judge seat --  was not the subject of a police report or investigation by Shelby Police immediately following the accident.

On Friday, Sept. 22nd there was a car, motorcycle crash along Shelby's West Main Street.

Police responded, but both motorists were gone when officers arrived.

"On the 25th I heard from my officers a rumor that Gordon Eyster was involved in the accident, that he had left the scene and perhaps he was injured," said Shelby Police Chief Lance Combs this past Monday.

It's true, as surveillance showed, Eyster needed a wheelchair to attend a recent Shelby City Council meeting following his motorcycle accident.

At his law practice, we asked: "Is Mister Eyster in?"

We were told he was not and would not be in all day.

We went to his home where we saw a new wheelchair ramp had been installed and knocked on the back door.

We were met by his wife Kate who immediately said, "This is private property and you're on my back porch and I didn't give you permission to come here."

We asked permission to drop off contact information and she said no, asking us to leave.

No police report was made, but an accident report was filed the following Monday. However, according to the BMV, Eyster has no motorcycle license and the lack of a ticket triggered the rumors of a cover up.

Not so says Combs.

"In order to avoid any conflict of interest or us being involved in the  investigation of the accident, I contacted the (Ohio State Highway Patrol) and asked them to investigate the accident," he said.

There is no time frame on when the highway patrol investigation will be complete, or when or if any charges will be filed.

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