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'Surprise vacations' planned by strangers becoming more popular

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Planning a vacation can be stressful. Why not let a stranger take care of the hassle?

A trending business in the world of travel is becoming more popular. Paying customers are being send on surprise vacations.

Amanda Rosen, a surprise traveler, said, "We didn't have to go and search through the best hotels, search for the best airfare and all of that." 

The vacation was planed entirely by a service called "Pack Up + Go."

Rosen only had to fill out a survey, describe her interests, narrow down a budget, and the company did the rest.

Shortly before the trip, the traveler is told what to pack and what time to show up at the airport. 

The vacationers can take a peek at their vacation packet, but it's best left a mystery.

Rosen paid $750 for a surprise, stress-free trip to Chicago.

"We were just amazed at what we got for our money. and, we were really impressed with the hotel," said Rosen.

Pack Up + Go is just one of the emerging companies that is jumping on the business of surprise vacations.

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