Wayne County teen shoots dog mistaken for coyote with arrow

Wayne County teen shoots dog mistaken for coyote with arrow

WOOSTER, OH (WOIO) - The Wayne County Sheriff's Office says a teen has come forward to confess about shooting a yellow Labrador retriever with an arrow.

Capt. Doug Hunter from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office said a 16-year-old boy spotted what he believed was a coyote while hunting near his home in Wooster.

The boy told deputies that he shot the animal through the rib cage with an arrow. The animal then ran off, and that is when the boy said he realized it was not a coyote that he targeted.

"Anyone that is hunting is responsible to be absolutely 100 percent certain of what they are shooting at," said Capt. Hunter. He added that he finds the boy's story hard to believe.

The boy is facing charges that have been handed over to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

Fortunately, the 9-year-old dog named Cosmo is expected to make a full recovery after an emergency surgery to remove the arrow. The veterinarian said the arrow missed Cosmo's heart and lungs by millimeters.

The dog's owner said Cosmo escaped from the yard after their invisible fence malfunctioned.

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