Lakewood's GV Art Design generating region-wide demand with unique Cleveland Indians gear

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - The signs make it clear: "There's Only One Thing Left To Do. Win the Whole Thing!"

The owners at GV Art & Design say it's been a great season for Cleveland Indians fans.

"It's been crazy, honestly it's been nuts for the last month. You know, once they got to about 10 games you know during the streak, it started getting really crazy and amping up," said Greg Vlosich, owner and artist.

The store is known for it's famous "Cleveland That I Love" slogan, just one reason why regular customers flock there to stock up on gear.

"This stuff doesn't happen often for us so I feel like when it does, fans go all out," said Hannah.

Greg and the artists say they've been working hard all season to keep up with the demand. The "October We Believe" design has been selling fast since it debuted.

"Never give up in Cleveland, we've learned that. it's a really popular one, we have a t-shirt and a sweatshirt version of it," he said.

Wednesday before the game, dozens popped in and out of the store to see what was new.

Greg says it's been hard keeping things in stock but they're here for the long run and the win.

"It hits home for so many people because we have that passion for sports and you know, the city," he said.

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