Akron neighbor said mom was 'dying herself' as her 2 girls were trapped in house fire

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Two young girls in Akron are in critical condition after a fire late Thursday night on Seward Avenue and officials say there were no smoke detectors in the entire home.

Akron Fire Department officials said when they pulled up they could see flames coming out of the windows and the mom was standing on the sidewalk screaming because her two children were still in the house.

Janet Burkett lives across the street.

"You could just see fire, just everywhere. She's screaming," she said. "I can't imagine that. I think that, when I saw her, and the way she was, it's like she was dying herself."

A 911 caller told dispatchers, "It woke me up. It was a boom and then a girl just started screaming, 'Oh my God help me. Bust the window.'"

Burkett says the girls are ages 5 and 11.

According to Akron Fire Department Spokesperson Lt. Siejie Lash, fire crews had to get the flames knocked down a little bit before they could go inside the home, but then found the girls in their bedroom.

The latest update was they are in critical condition.

Akron fire officials say this case is frustrating because they've seen many case of smoke detectors not working, but here there were no detectors in the house to begin with.

"We have increasingly found that so many homes in Akron still don't have smoke alarms or smoke detectors," said Lt. Lash. "Akron Fire has has actually been, we've had a grant to provide and install smoke alarms since 2009."

It's not just the Akron Fire Department that gives out free smoke detectors and in many cases will come to your home and install them. Several communities do this. All it takes is a phone call to your local fire department or the Red Cross.

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