Medina police put to the 'fitness' test

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Doing push ups and being able to run will be the new requirement for existing police officers in Medina.

"We want to make sure if your job is physically demanding we want to make sure your able to perform your job so you don't hurt yourself because you are not in shape," John Coyne, City Council president said.

He says exercise should be part of their job.

"And we want to make sure the residents are protected  because they  believe you are physically fit when you take that job," Coyne added.

The Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission sets minimum scores of you if want to be a police officer in Ohio.

Male equal to or less than 29 

Situps (1 minute)                   32
Pushups (1 minute)               19
1.5-mile run                            14:34

Females less the or equal to 29 

Situps (1 minute)                   23
Pushups (1 minute)               9
1.5-mile run                            17:49

It's up to each city to decide whether or not they have requirements.

And because Medina already has a gym at City Hall they think it's feasible but they will set their own standards.

Coyne said, "They are allowed to work out during the day for an hour a day or they could work out after work."

Exercise is not a punishment says Coyne it comes down to this its your job.

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