Streetsboro police featured on National TV show

STREETSBORO, OH (WOIO) - Streetsboro Police Lieutenant Tricia Wain was a big fan of A& E's Live PD show before they were chosen to be featured.

"I was. I like to see agencies be transparent," Wain said.

It's a documentary where crews follow officers around during their shift to show the small and big cases police deal with every day.

"Community and police relations have taken a hit lately and I think the community being able to see what we are doing can do nothing but good," Wain said.

They don't know how they were picked, but they are the smallest department featured.

"We received a telephone call out of basically nowhere," Wain said.

Streetsboro police have already been featured in two episodes, and they are still filming. Wain says their officers are used to being recorded.

"We have body cams, we have in-car cams.  We assume that someone is recording no matter what we are doing," Wain said.

She says the community so far has been on-board with the show.

"There has been an overwhelming amount of positive feedback," Wain said.

Streetsboro will be featured on the show on Oct. 20.

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