How do I unsubscribe from apps I used to watch the Indians in the MLB playoffs?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We are all trying to erase the memories of the Indians sad postseason and for some that means remembering to unsubscribe from streaming apps that gave you a free trial in order to watch the ALDS.

Depending on which app you used, depends on how long your free trial was. Some were seven days, some ten. Considering the Tribe playoffs began on Oct. 5, some of you might have already passed your "expire by" date and may have gotten charged for your first month.

Regardless, they don't make it as easy as you would like to unsubscribe for obvious reasons.

Most have several steps to cancel hoping you'll get frustrated and not do it which will lead to you being charged for another month.

YouTube TV

For many to watch Game 2 for the Tribe, which aired on the MLB Network, meant you needed a service like YouTube TV to stream the game. To unsubscribe is different for each device whether you used and Android, Apple, or your desk top computer. Directions for each can be found here.  For Apple users it's not that easy. Because you signed up for the app through your Apple account, you have to cancel it through your Apple account. To do that go to this page.

Sling TV

You may have signed up through Sling TV. The good news is they have a very detailed web page that explains step-by-step on how to unsubscribe. The bad news, is there's no fewer than nine steps to get it completed. It includes a chance to keep your subscription and get a free Roku Express if you sign-up and pay for two months, even though you're trying to cancel.

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