Utility boss charged with theft of electricity is still being paid

GALION, OHIO (WOIO) - Tony Slone, the Electric Department Superintendent in Galion, Ohio is due in court on Tuesday to face charges of stealing power by installing an electrical outlet in his back yard that bypassed his electric meter.

He had nothing to say to us when we confronted him it.

Prosecutors charged him with receiving stolen property and he was first put on paid administrative leave.

A day later that changed when Mayor Thomas O'Leary announced, "It was initially set at paid leave and just within internal discussions I think more appropriate is unpaid leave."

But now there is a new issue, pay stubs, first revealed on social media show Slone is still drawing a paycheck.

"On my social media page we have a lot of very unhappy people," said an upset Brenda Akers.

Mayor O'Leary says there is a logical explanation.

"What he's been doing is drawing down his vacation and compensatory time," Mayor O'Leary explained.

The Mayor is well aware of the social media firestorm this has created.

He's also aware that it is three weeks from an election.

'"It causes people's you know, sometimes imaginations to get ahead of themselves," added Mayor O'Leary.

Slone is due in Galion Municipal Court on Tuesday.

It is unclear if there will be a plea deal or movement toward a trial

"It's hurtful to the city, it will be resolved pretty soon. It's gonna be difficult to maintain employment if he's convicted," Mayor O'Leary said.

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