Cleveland Browns' quarterback graveyard raising spirits in North Ridgeville

Cleveland Browns' graveyard raising spirits in North Ridgeville
(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - It was another lost Sunday for the Cleveland Browns, blown out in Houston, by the Texans.

Now submerged under a second consecutive 0-6 start to the season with the common theme, as always: bad quarterback play.

Tony Timoteo, of North Ridgeville, is trying to bury that past.

Timoteo's front yard has become a Cleveland Browns quarterback graveyard.

The epitaphs have been carved, all 28 quarterbacks who have started games for the Browns since 1999.

Starting with Ty Detmer all the way to Kevin Hogan.

"Everyone seems to have a great sense of humor about it, people see it and they laugh they put their hands on their head, and then they're sad," Timoteo said.

Tony and his wife Jill are huge fans and say they never miss a game on TV. But the losing is tough and when they were thinking about a Halloween theme for their front yard, Jill actually came up with the idea that might provide a little Browns therapy.

It certainly has the neighbors talking,

"It's got every guy, it's unbelievable, you got to laugh so you don't cry. I feel bad but what are you going to do," said Tony Minadeo, who was out taking his dog for a stroll and stopped to stare.

Timoteo did not put together this quarterback graveyard to put the Browns six feet under, but being a fan is supposed to be fun and this is a way, he says, to find a little amusement in another losing season.

"I've almost cried looking at my own yard. This has been really good," he said.

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