Away game ticket sales increase 250% when Cleveland Cavaliers are visiting team

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - StubHub, a leading secondary ticket sale website, is ranking the teams with the highest ticket sales leading up to the NBA season and Cleveland is showing huge growth over this time last year.

A a StubHub spokesperson said it's pretty hard to get your hands on a ticket when the Cavs hit the road. StubHub sales jump 250 percent for arenas when Lebron James and the team come to town.

The Cavaliers might seem a little low on top selling teams to date list, but that is in part because the Cavs have their own secondary ticket market with the site Flash Seats with a large number of tickets sold right from season ticket holders to fans. So those tickets never make it to site like StuHub.

StubHub top selling teams to date

  1. LA Lakers
  2. New York Knicks
  3. Boston Celtics
  4. Golden State Warriors
  5. Philadelphia 76ers
  6. Cleveland Cavalier (up from 11th this time last year)

According to Cameron Papp, a StubHub spokesperson, star power, mega trades and top draft picks are the driving forces behind a lot of teams ranking ahead of Cleveland.

The Golden State Warriors are the most in-demand team when it comes to away games. StubHub sees an increase of 425 percent over the league average for Warriors away games.

The opening night mega match up between the Cavs and the Celtics is in the top 10 of all single games this season, sold to date on StubHub. That has everything to do with the off-season trade of Kyrie Irving to Boston.

"Anytime you see a star move teams, or there's a team with a large draft pick, you see an increase in demand on StubHub. And I think that just goes to shows the star power that the NBA has," said Papp.

Talking with a StubHub expert we had to ask what's the best way to buy tickets to get the biggest bang for your buck? Months in advance, or wait?

"Generally on StubHub we say if you want to get into the event with the best seat possible, buy early. If you're just trying to get into the stadium, wait until the last second," advises Papp.

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