Psychologists warn 'overscheduling' kids can have serious health consequences

If you are spending so much time running your kids back and forth between activities that there is rarely any downtime for you or your kids, chances are your kids may be "overscheduled."

Dr. Carolyn Ievers-Landis is a clinical psychologist at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital. She says parents often feel the pressure to schedule too much for their kids.

"I think parents feel like if they don't jump on the bandwagon - even with cheerleading - that if you don't have your child start as a pre-schooler that they will be disadvantaged by the time the make it to high school - they won't be the top tier," said Ievers-Landis.

But overscheduling your kids can have serious consequences.

"I don't think people think of the toll it can take on mental health - the level of stress," added Ievers-Landis.

How can you spot a stressed out kid?

Experts like Ievers-Landis will tell you the warning signs include avoiding family and friends, a lack of appetite, nervousness, disrupted sleep, headaches, stomach pain and depression.

"I really think, as a family, you need to sit down and decide, what are our priorities? And, think of yourself - I think a lot of us, we do too much," said Ievers-Landis.

Psychologists also warn against doing too little. Your child should be involved in at least one activity that they enjoy, and that activity doesn't necessarily have to be school related.

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