Gas station sign offers 'free heroin' at Ohio's No. 1 city for overdoses

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Speedway gas station had a sign up for about 15 minutes recently mocking the heroin epidemic in Dayton.


Speedy Rewards refers to the program at Speedway where customers earn points for purchases and can redeem them for cheaper gas or items in the convenience store.

Stefanie Griffith is the Communications Manager for Marathon Petroleum Corporation, the parent company of Speedway. Griffith confirmed this sign was at a Dayton location.

"It was found on Saturday, Oct. 14, and was immediately removed," said Griffith in an email. "We apologize to those who may have seen this sign and are currently investigating how this occurred."

She later added that Speedway discovered a customer rearranged the letters on the sign to create the inappropriate message.

"After approximately 15 minutes, we became aware of the message and removed it immediately," Griffith said.

According to Griffith the sign originally read:

"3¢ off per gal w/ Speedy Rewards

She said the the "1" was used as an "I."

Dayton that was recently named the number one community in the nation for heroin overdoses by

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