'Knitted Knockers' made in Ohio providing free, comfortable breasts for cancer survivors around country

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH (WOIO) - .For women who undergo a mastectomy there is new hope for life after being treated for breast cancer.

People right here in Northeast Ohio are knitting and crocheting something called "Knitted Knockers," that are helping a woman feel whole again.

Jeanne Brail of Chagrin Falls is a breast cancer survivor who lost one of her breasts -- but you'd never know it thanks to the "Knitted Knockers."

"It's nice to have something that is more comfortable, that makes you look normal and makes you feel good when you are wearing it," said Brail.

Thousands of women are now wearing Knitted Knockers thanks to hundreds of volunteers like the ones who gather at "the Artful Yarn," in Chagrin Falls. There are several locations across Northeast Ohio and the entire U.S., that help volunteers make collect Knitted Knockers.

The knitters and crocheters volunteer their time and materials.

The "Knitted Knocker" fits in a normal bra.

"They don't have to buy a special bra to wear the knocker, and also, they can adjust the size. So, in the back, they've got a hole that we keep there that you can remove stuffing if you need to, to fit the size and shape that you want," described Amber Chenoweth, who is with the organization. "Knitting for those in Need," that recently partnered up with "Knitted Knockers," to help make and distribute the knitted prosthetics.

The "Knitted Knockers" are free - sparing so many women of the expense and some of the discomfort that can come along with prosthetics.

"One of the biggest comments that we get is that is so much lighter than the heavy silicon prosthetics that they can get. They can wear it swimming. You can wash them easily," added Chenoweth.

Knitted Knockers are also helping women in other countries - many where breast prosthetics and reconstruction are not available

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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