Police continue to hunt down 70 guns stolen from Eastlake weapons shop

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - About 70 guns were stolen from Sherwin Shooting Sports in Eastlake back in July.

Police say they have not made any arrests in the break-in and theft, but they are close.

They have recovered about 12 of the 70 guns.

Early Monday morning Cleveland Police tried to make a traffic stop at East 123rd Street and Kinsman Road.

The driver and passenger ran from the car, but police were able to catch the passenger, 23-year-old Shaun Dorsey Jr.

Police found a gun stolen from the shop on the ground in the path where Dorsey was running.

According to the police report, when Dorsey was told the gun was stolen from a gun shop, he responded, "I was at work."

"We're never going to stop looking until they are all located. You are never happy that they were able to get into the shop to begin with. It was a pretty sophisticated break-in and we take that pretty personally," said Eastlake Police Chief, Larry Reik.

Chief Reik says most of the guns were likely sold right away for cash to people who wouldn't pass a background check.

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