LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers link arms during national anthem

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - League policy in the National Basketball Association requires players and coaches to stand during the national anthem before games.

The Cleveland Cavaliers did so, locking arms with each other during Tuesday night's pregame performance.

In other sports leagues, forms of protests during the national anthem have become a bigger focal point than the actual game in some situations. The issue is most prevalent in the NFL, and has even trickled into the MLB.

During the 2016-17 NBA season, many teams locked arms during the anthem, but never knelt or prayed out of protest.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently addressed the league's stance on social issues.

"Many of our players have spoken out already about their plan to stand for the anthem. And I think they understand how divisive an issue it is in our society right now," says Silver.

Silver recognizes the NBA's anthem policy, but did not elaborate on what punishment players could face if any refused to stand.

In September, President Trump publicly lashed out against Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry for opting out of an invite to the White House.

The president's comments on Twitter against the All-Star prompted players across the league, including LeBron James, to speak out against President Trump and social issues.

Silver believes that NBA players, through community service efforts or via media, can make their voices heard in other ways than protesting during the anthem.

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