Cleveland Cavaliers players react to Hayward's injury, facing Kyrie

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The new-look Cavaliers took down the remodeled Boston Celtics led by former Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irving, with a final score of 102-99.

Tuesday night's match-up was the first game of the season for Cleveland and Boston, and the first time Irving faced off against his former teammates.

"Anytime you win a championship with someone, you automatically think about the moments, the memories, especially with someone who was instrumental to what we were able to accomplish," said LeBron James. "But once the ball went up, it was kind of back to regularly scheduled program."

Kyrie had a chance to tie the game with a last-second shot in the fourth quarter. LeBron was tasked to guard Kyrie on the play.

"I just didn't want to commit the foul. If he made it, he made it. He's made so many of those tough shots," says LeBron.

When Kevin Love was asked about playing against his former teammate, he said it was, "Different."

Love added, "He was able to quiet all the noise and just go out there and play basketball. I imagine it was emotional for him. That's just Kyrie being Kyrie."

One of the new additions this year to the Boston Celtics team is Gordon Hayward. In his first regular season game as a Celtic, he went down with a severe leg injury in the first quarter.

The Cavs players reacted to Hayward's injury after the game.

"You never want to see that in competition, regardless of the magnitude of the game. You never want to see guys get hurt," said Tristan Thompson.

Love said, "You can never think of the right words to say when you see something like that. We will all keep our prayers with him. He means a lot to this league, a great player."

"My thoughts and prayers go out to Gordon's family. Hope for a speedy recovery, healthy recovery," added LeBron.

Cavs players were not the only ones to offer well-wishes to Hayward on social media.

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