CSU hosts open discussion on anti-LGBTQ+ poster

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland State University hosted an open discussion regarding the recent incident involving an anti-LGBTQ+ poster on campus.

Earlier this month, someone hung up a poster at the student center that talked about gays and committing suicide. 

Cleveland 19 was told the student body took down the offensive poster.

It's unclear whether the flier is connected to last Wednesday's National Coming Out Day or the opening of a new LGBT Center.

"I feel the university should actually denounce it and condemn it. Once you tell someone to go kill themselves that's not freedom of speech," one student said.

Cleveland State University President Ron Berkman told those in attendance he is willing be meet with them again to come up with ways to make the campus safe.

He also pointed out this is not just a CSU problem.

This issue is causing concern all across the country.

One of those attending the campus forum was really upset that more had not been done yet to make the campus more safe. That student confronted Berkman from the audience.

"I went to your office to talk to you directly because I think this issue couldn't wait a second longer,"  Yoly Rodriguez yelled.

Person after person stood to make it clear that as members of LGBTQ community they don't feel safe and they demand the university do something about it.

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