Officer starts GoFundMe campaign to keep sick K9

Officer starts GoFundMe campaign to keep sick K9

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The University Hospital's K9 officer has started a GoFundMe campaign to keep his sick K9.

Officer Matt Suster says his partner General has recently been diagnosed with Lumbosacral Stenosis, a genetic disorder that causes narrowing of his vertebral canal.

This painful disease has forced General into an early retirement.

Officer Suster says it will cost him $5000 out of pocket to keep General, but he "can't imagine letting him go".

"General is not only my partner, but has become a part of my family. At this point, General and I have formed a bond that is indescribable" says Suster.

Suster is hoping to raise a total of $6500. The additional funds will cover some medical expenses for General and the GoFundMe fees.

Also, if he raises more than $6500, he would set aside some funds for General's care and set up a foundation for other retired K9's and their handlers.

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