Ashland Co. firefighter suspended for using racial slur

Ashland Co. firefighter suspended for using racial slur
Page two of disciplinary letter
Sullivan Twp. Fire Dept.
Sullivan Twp. Fire Dept.
Page one of disciplinary letter
Page one of disciplinary letter

SULLIVAN, OH (WOIO) - A woman was indefinitely suspended from the Sullivan Township fire department earlier this week in part because she used a racial slur against another woman at an elementary school.

Amanda Fayak was suspended indefinitely from the department last week.

Cleveland 19 obtained disciplinary documents against her which allege that Fayak violated the fire department code of conduct, by doing several things, including using a racial slur against another resident of the township.

Cleveland 19 saw a copy of the criminal complaint against Fayak, which alleged that she used the phrase n-word lover towards another woman in an elementary school parking lot. Fayak was found guilty of disorderly conduct.

Despite the court file being a public record, the Ashland Municipal Court wouldn't allow Cleveland 19 to view it Thursday.

Cleveland 19 tracked down the woman who said she was the recipient of the racial slurs.

She didn't want to be identified, but told Cleveland 19 that Fayak, "called my kids n***s and she called me a n***r lover."

The woman said it bothered her more because Fayak was a member of the fire department at the time.

"It bothers me because she's in contact with the public. What if someone gets in an accident and they're not white? What kind of care is she going to give to them if she's on the scene?"

Fayak spoke to Cleveland 19 Thursday night, admitting that she used a racial slur "in the heat of the moment." She said that she and the other woman had a series of disagreements leading up to that confrontation.

Both women told Cleveland 19 they had negative interactions before the instance where the racial slur was used.

Each woman said that the other woman's child had bullied her child repeatedly.

Cleveland 19 asked Fayak what she would say to those who will call her a racist because of her use of a racial slur.

"They're going to slam me, I have family that are black, I worked with many people that are black, I am not racist it was the heat of the moment just like her heat of the moment called me white trash at first," said Fayak. "Those words were not professional, I shouldn't have said it but I did say it out of being angry."

She also said that everybody makes mistakes.

Fayak told Cleveland 19 she disagrees with several of the allegations made against her in the disciplinary paperwork, and said she doesn't want to return to the fire department.

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