Lakewood woman pledges to relocate if she loses 'Charlie' pit bull appeal

(Source: Greg Murray)
(Source: Greg Murray)

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - What started out as a fight to save a family dog from a city pit bull ban, has now become a battle over a breed-specific dog law.

A Lakewood animal activist, who is trying to save her family's pit bull, hosted an event to help change the laws concerning specific breeds in the city.

Charlie the pit bull is still in his Lakewood home with Jennifer Scott and her family, at least until the appeal process runs its course.

Scott adopted Charlie, through the Cleveland APL with Lakewood's approval; however, after Charlie got loose and was picked up by the city dog warden, they determined he was a pit bull and the city banned the breed.

City officials told Scott that she could not keep Charlie, but she has appealed, and is ready for a long fight.

"He's my dog, he's part of the family. I would fight for one of my kids. I would fight for a friend, so of course I am going to fight for my dog."

Charlie and the Scott's were hosting three Lakewood council candidates who say they will work to change the pit bull ban and the open house was a chance for some in the community to meet the candidates.

So what if Scott loses the appeal, or can't get the law changed?

"I would put my house on the market, I would sell and move out of Lakewood. That's the worst case scenario but that's what we're prepared to do," she said.

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