It’s everywhere. And it has got to stop (Editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In the wake of revelations that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein apparently sexually harassed many women who were just trying to do their jobs, a social media movement has been born.

Women who have been subjected to unpleasant and unwanted overtures have been posting #metoo.

Chances are you've seen it a lot online in recent days, and the number of women who've been subjected to these behaviors is stunning.

Unfortunately, it's less stunning if you look elsewhere online.

All our on-air workers at Cleveland19 have Facebook pages and if you look at them, in no time at all, you'll see comments that just don't need to be there.

One of our newest anchors, Neeha Curtis, had to deal with an inappropriate comment in her very first week on our air.

It's everywhere -- comments about dresses and smiles.

Some on the edge of polite, and some way over the line.

But in reality, none of them should be there.

You can tell yourself that it's the price of being in broadcasting, but I think it's just more apparent because the women who work on-air for us live their lives more publicly.

One thing for certain is that this behavior also happens outside of Hollywood and outside of television.

Nothing drove that home to me more than when my own 20-year old daughter posted #metoo.

I haven't worked up the guts to ask her about it yet.

Maybe if she wants me to know, she'll tell me the details.

But our daughters, our sisters, our wives, our co-workers -- no one should have to deal with this.

Here's hoping the national conversation leads to some serious discussion about what is, and isn't, appropriate at work and online.

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