Man loses finger in pit bull attack

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A 911 call was the start of an awful week for Steve Maxwell.  He made this call on Saturday night

"I'm losing blood, I've been bitten by some pit bulls and I've lost part of my finger," Maxwell said.

Maxwell is healing, but plenty of marks remain from his attack, what doesn't remain is a big chunk of his middle finger

"It was biting me in the stomach, I attempted to block it with my hand and it bit my finger off," Maxwell said.

He unwrapped the bandages on the finger, it is not a pretty sight.

There was no sign of the neighbor at Maxwell's home but he says the battle with three pit bulls was a struggle like no other.

His neighbor was wrestling with the dogs and Maxwell went to help he says the neighbor .

His finger has not been found.

The dogs remain at the home.

Maxwell said he has been told they are quarantined for 10 days and would be fed and watered twice a day.

He's seen no activity at the home.

One of Maxwell's concerns is the fact that the dogs are still next door two in the front home, one in the back and the yard is not completely fenced in.

That means if they're out of the house they could attack anyone for blocks.

"Apparently there are no charges I can press against this," Maxwell said.

"In this case it was a personal injury.  Our main concern is making sure the dog warden is notified so that he can do his investigation into proper licensing and those type of thing," Lorain Sheriff's Lieutenant Dan Ashdown said.

Maxwell initially felt he was being ignored, but the case was moving through channels and it is a civil matter.

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