Browns continue the QB shuffle: 5 reasons to watch Tailgate 19 this week

Browns continue the QB shuffle: 5 reasons to watch Tailgate 19 this week

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns are still looking for their first win of the 2017 season, on Sunday they play against the Tennessee Titans.

Remember the Titans

Yes, we certainly do. Because they're one of the few NFL teams the Browns have had recent success against. Not last season, when they lost by two, but at least it took three touchdowns and 284 yards from Marcus Mariota to do it.

Two years ago the Browns beat 'em by two touchdowns by the Lake, and three years ago they stormed back from 25 points down to stun Tennessee, 29-28.

Of course, three years is a lifetime in the NFL.

Different players, different coaches, irrelevant now. But maybe the Browns can pretend it's one of those old, epic battles with the Houston Oilers in the AFC Central.

Those were the days, my friend. We'll get some stories from Bob Golic.

QB Shuffle

The Browns have done it again. For the 20th time in 43 games, they're changing the quarterback.

Not that Hue Jackson has a choice at this point. Kevin Hogan was that bad. In fact, he was so bad, he's now third-string, behind Cody Kessler, who didn't even dress for the first six games.

20 changes in 43 games. That's changing your quarterback every other game!

Jackson has to stick with Kizer the rest of the way. If he doesn't show signs of major improvement, they missed on him and can address it next April in the Draft. But at least they'll know.

Be Inspired

By the Titans, if that's what it takes. They'd lost 11 straight to the Indianapolis Colts before blowing 'em out on Monday night.

That makes for a short week for the Titans, but it also proves that streaks can be broken.

The Browns are bad, maybe even worse than last year, but the odds are against them running the table to 0-16.

We're getting keys to the game from Golic, Beanie and Pierre.

Go Straight to Halftime…Don't Pass "GO"

The Browns have been getting shredded in the second quarter this season. To me, that's coaching.

Once teams get through their 'first 15' scripted plays, and have to adjust, things tend to go south for Jackson and his staff.

True, they don't have much to work with, but they must figure out a way to put these players in better positions to succeed.

They also must utilize the few playmakers they have. Kirby Wilson, the running backs coach, keeps talking Duke Johnson up (and he should; Duke's probably their top playmaker), and then Johnson touches the ball a total of 8 times last Sunday.

It just doesn't add up. To wins, anyway. It adds up to losses. We're getting Beanie's take on how they should use Duke.

Peyton's Place

As I reported on Wednesday, a source close to Peyton Manning told me it's highly unlikely that Manning would come to Cleveland to run the Browns. I've heard the same from sources in Denver who know the former Broncos quarterback.

But Peyton does want to run an NFL team someday, so what does Jimmy Haslam have to do to sell Manning on the opportunity, and how could they set up the front office for a first-time NFL exec to ensure that he succeeds? We're tackling that issue as well.

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