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Linndale speed trap on 'This American Life' so everyone else now knows it's a burr in our asphalt

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Featured on one of the latest This American Life podcasts is the infamous Linndale speed trap and Producer Sean Cole laments what over many drivers in Northeast Ohio have experienced -- a traffic ticket from a diminutive stretch of highway just outside of Cleveland. 

The Linndale portion, called "The Most Expected Delay in Northern Ohio," starts at 11:59 mark. Listen to it here

"Linndale has always been the burr up somebody's ass, ever since I can remember," former Linndale mayor Mike Toczek says in the episode called "Expect Delays." 

The portion of I-71 that's in the tiny Village of Linndale, is 400 yards long and takes less than half a minute to drive it. 

"For decades, it's been the most aggressively policed stretch of I-71 around," Producer Sean Cole said. 

The village has 179 people, 35 houses and 11 businesses and almost a million dollars in speeding violations. 

For at least a decade, Linndale has defended its minuscule existence and won political battles to stay open for business. 

"Ohio legislature treats [Linndale] as a parasite living off the lead-footedness of Ohioans," Cole said. 

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