Ghost sighting, paranormal activity reported at 100-year-old Aurora Inn

AURORA, OH (WOIO) - For close to 100 years, the staff at The Aurora Inn in Aurora has entertained and hosted guests along what used to be a stage coach trail.

Paul Newman and Rosemary Clooney are among some of the hotels most noteworthy guests.

With the exception of a fire in 1963, the Inn has a pretty normal past. However, longtime bartender Diane Sworan will tell you she's experienced something paranormal.

"Heard some noise in the bar ... turned around ... there was a female ghost standing at that wall right there," she said as she pointed. "She had a long powder blue dress on, white apron, bonnet like back in the 1900s, and she just stood there and stared. And, then she disappeared.

Years later, that ghost came back.

"All of a sudden these lights started flickering, and here she was standing right by the light switch flipping the light switch on and off, and I looked at her and told her to go back to her room, and she did. She disappeared again -- it was like a fading image," said Sworan.

When the hotel underwent major renovations beginning in 2014, some employees said there were some strange things happening along an upstairs corridor.

Steve Mansfield is one of the Inn's owners.

"These two rooms -- this area has been where lights have flickered. Doors have shut and just some abnormal activity reported by our housekeeping staff," he said.

And then, oddly enough, as Mansfield gave me a tour and showed me one of the Inn's finest suites, something completely unexpected happened: Mansfield noticed a picture was missing from the wall.

Housekeeping had no idea what may have happened to the picture. Mansfield also had trouble with his phone throughout our tour.

Is it an odd coincidence or something supernatural? That's up for you to decide.

The Aurora Inn is hosting Zombiefest on Saturday, Oct. 28.

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