'Why wait?', says D-Wade who asked to come off bench

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Cavaliers will have a new starting five Tuesday night when they take on the Chicago Bulls at Quicken Loans Arena.

While speaking to the media Monday, Coach Ty Lue announced that JR Smith will return to the starting lineup in place of Dwyane Wade.

Wade, who went to Lue himself asking for the change, will now come off the bench.

"He came to me and said you know what coach, what you said was right. In the second unite I'll be able to handle the ball more so let's make that move let's make that adjustment," said Coach Ty Lue. "It was just great to have him come to me the way he did. It's a very big class act."

"I just decided earlier than later to get to the unit where I'm more comfortable and probably do better with this team in their lineup. Why wait?," explained Wade. "I came here for one reason. I came here to be a part of winning and bring what I can to this team."

LeBron James said it's a learning process. They're all trying to figure out how they can help everyone acclimated to their type of basketball.

"I think he's [Dwyane Wade] in a good place. The first week, like we told y'all, was a long week for him trying to adjust to the system, adjust to what we're trying to do. I don't think it's just him, he's been named, but I think a lot of new guys are trying to adjust as well," said LeBron. "This is a marathon and he knows it. He's been a part of it. Week two is going to be much better than week one for all of us."

Meanwhile, Derrick Rose has been ruled out of both Tuesday's game and Wednesday's against Brooklyn.

He injured his left ankle Friday against the Bucks.

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