Lorain Police want known gang member with extensive rap sheet locked away

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - One known Lorain County gang member seems to be as much at home in the courtroom and local jail cells as he is at his own residence.

Manuel Latorre, 27, walked into a Lorain courtroom Monday with a familiarity that few have, and the Lorain Police Department has a real problem with it.

Police want local judges to be tougher on him and others who repeatedly break the law and walk out a short time later on bond or a short sentence.

Dating back to 2008, Latorre has at least twenty charges and convictions, among them: domestic violence, threatening to kill the mother of his child, guns charges, shooting and robbery and that's not all.

According to Lt. Ed Super, commander of the investigation unit, they put together a massive dossier on Latorre because they're tired of seeing him walk.

"Manuel Latorre is just recently been arrested for a trafficking charge, while he was out awaiting sentencing on a series of charges he has accumulated over the last couple of years," said Super. "To  include participating in a criminal gang, some violent felonies, including riot, and felonious assault and heroin trafficking."

Latorre was supposed to be arraigned on another charge today, but his lawyer couldn't attend, so it was continued to Wednesday.

Lorain police are pleased to hear that his $500,000 bond was also continued.

He was taken back to the county lockup at least until then.

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