Ohio named worst state for trick-or-treating in America

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The candy bag might be a little light this year as Ohio was just named the worst state for trick-or-treaters by the shopping app ibotta.

The study looked at candy buying across the country the week before Halloween in both 2015 and 2016.

The study also found the best and worst days to buy your goodies based on prices.

Four days before is the best time when the average price is $1.94 per unit.

The worst day, heads up procrastinators, is the day before Halloween when the average price is $2.75 per unit.

"This can be attributed to shoppers most likely making their purchasing decisions based off what's still available on store shelves instead of comparison shopping for a better deal," the report says.

Ohio comes in at the worst state for trick-or-treating based on how much the average person spend on the candy they'll be handing out.

According to ibotta the average Ohioan only spend $11.22 on Halloween candy.

Compare that to the best state, Oregon, where the average person spends $40.29 on candy.

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