Police called to home of murdered Strongsville teacher last week

Police activity in Strongsville where wife was found dead. (Source: WOIO)
Police activity in Strongsville where wife was found dead. (Source: WOIO)

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - The family of a murdered sixth grade teacher filed multiple police reports over the past few months about alleged crimes including an attempted burglary at the family's home.

Melinda Pleskovic, 49, was found dead in her Strongsville home Monday evening. Her husband, Bruce Pleskovic, called 911 to report that the sixth-grade teacher was stabbed.

In a 911 call, Bruce told dispatchers "I think someone stabbed my wife." He went on to say that his wife wasn't breathing, that their son with Downs syndrome was home at the time and that "there's a pool of blood."

"We've asked people to watch our fricking area we've had people attempt to break in just this week I don't know what's going on in this city but s**t isn't getting done here," said Bruce. "You people dropped the f**king ball."

Cleveland 19 was able to confirm that the couple's son-in-law reported an attempted burglary at the home last week.

A police report from the October 19 incident stated that the couple's son-in-law saw a man try to force the back, sliding door open. The report states that the suspect put his hand on the inside of the door, but ran away after the family pitbull began to bark and growl at him.

Neighbors who spoke to Cleveland 19 said they were aware of the incidents at the Pleskovic home, but only that home appeared to be a target.

Cleveland 19 obtained police reports that also stated that in July police were called to the home because there was a suspicious adult and two teens behind the house who ran when a family member spoke to them. Police were called again in September about a set of family car keys possibly being stolen, and the car alarm being purposely set off.

Strongsville police ask that anyone with information contact Sgt. Detective Greg Cravatas 440-580-3246 or Det. Ron Stolz at 440-580-3235.

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