'Cleveland Crud' is an actual thing and it's back in full force right now

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Illness this time of year gets dismissed as, or affectionately referred to as, the "Cleveland Crud." It turns out it's an actual thing right now and it's a concoction of viruses and allergies hitting many people hard in Northeast Ohio.

Dr. Roy Buchinsky, Director of Wellness for University Hospitals (UH) said because of the warmer fall weather, a couple of different sick seasons are crashing together.

"There is currently a combination of viruses, including an uptick in influenza cases, and allergies secondary to ragweed," said Buchinsky. "This manifests as the sniffles, persistent cough and sinus congestion."

It's not just your office battling the Cleveland Crud, the UH clinics are seeing an increase in office visits.

"The outpatient doctors are seeing a host of these cases. Most are treated symptomatically with nasal saline rinses, OTC (over the counter) cough medications, Neti  pot and steam therapy. Antibiotics are only reserved for suspected bacterial infections," said Buchinsky.

The flu season is generally considered October through May so it's not uncommon we're already seeing cases.

Buchinsky said there is still time to get out there and get the flu shot.

"Whether it's fall fever or  the Cleveland Crud, washing your hands regularly or using hand sanitizer frequently, will help prevent the spread from person to person. Stay hydrated and stay away from school or work if you have a fever to prevent transmission," he said.

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